Legal framework

Sussex Downs College (SDC) was established in 2001 by the merger of Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology and Lewes Tertiary College. A second merger with Park College in 2003 made us one of the largest colleges in the South East. We now have approximately 5,000 mostly full-time students and around 9,000 learners. The College employs 1200 staff (in excess of 900 full time equivalents) and has an annual turnover of around £40 million.

The powers of the Corporation (Board of Governors) are specified in the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (Sections 18 and 19). In summary the Corporation is empowered to:

The Board of Governors is a corporate body. This means that it is a body composed of a number of individuals who are empowered to act as a single person with a separate identity from that of its individual members. The implications of this corporate status are:

The Statutory Instrument and Articles of Government of Further Education Corporations which is published by and obtainable from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) sets out the law of the land in respect of governors’ responsibilities in detail.

The Instrument of Government explains the arrangements that are required for meetings of the Governing Body and its committees.

The Articles of Government describe the responsibilities of the Governing Body and the Principal and issues relating to staff and students whilst the main responsibilities of the Governing Body are defined in Article 3 of the Statutory Articles of Government and may be summarised as:

Sussex Downs College Corporation has twenty members. Further information about individual members can be found in the Governance section of our website.

The College is an exempt charity for the purposes of the Charities Act 1993. Visit the Charities Commission Website for more information.

How the institution is organised

Information about the management structure of the College may be found in the Governors’ Handbook.



Vacancies for Corporation members are advertised in the Governance section of the website and in the local press.


Our staff recruitment policy is available on the website. Vacancies are advertised in the Job Vacancies section and also in the local and/or national press where appropriate.


Prospective students receive information about the College in a number of different ways:

  • Prospectuses
  • College website
  • Mailshots
  • School liaison visits
  • College Open Evenings
  • Advice from the Admissions team
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Please see the How to Apply section of our website for further information about the application procedure. Student enrolment can take place in person, by telephone or on line.

Contact Us:

The primary contact for all matters relating to the Freedom of Information Act is:

Fi Taylor
Cross College Examinations Manager
Sussex Downs College
Mountfield Road
East Sussex

Telephone: 030 300 38357

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