The College will aim to provide clear and full information on:

The above information is available to everyone – students, employers, members of the community and parents – from Student Services at the College, local schools and Careers Offices.

When happens when you decide to apply?

You are entitled to a place on a course of study at the College if:

  • we offer your choice of course
  • you meet the entry requirements
  • there is a place available on the course

Your application will be handled fairly and efficiently.

Do you require financial support?

Student Services will aim to provide you with accurate information about the grants, financial support and childcare support available to you and how to apply for it. Details will also be available from your tutor.

See our Money Matters section

What can you expect as a student?

The College aims to provide you with quality teaching, training and learning opportunities.

This means:

  • Preparation, assessment and course materials will be of a high standard
  • All courses will cover the requirements for the relevant qualification
  • Where work-based assessments or work placements are part of the course they will be planned, monitored and reviewed.
  • Where courses are delivered in the community or in partnership with others, they are regularly monitored for quality.

In addition to your course you will have:

  • Access to a Learning Centre equipped with computers, videos and books
  • Access to help with study skills and additional learning support
  • Refreshment and relaxation facilities
  • An opportunity to become a member of the Student Union

During your programme of study at College you will be asked to sign a Learner Agreement which records your agreed programme of study

Code of Conduct

The College seeks to provide a caring learning environment for all students. This Code of Conduct is designed to help students to understand their entitlements and obligations.

The College aims to provide every student with:

  • Advice, guidance and support through Personal Tutors or Student Services
  • Information about the College and your course in an induction appropriate to your programme
  • Suitably qualified and experienced teaching and support staff
  • A personal timetable relevant to your programme of study
  • Recognition of previous experience and learning wherever possible
  • Encouragement to take responsibility for your own learning
  • Opportunities for regular assessment, review, planning, target setting and recording of progress and achievement
  • Access to appropriate facilities and equipment
  • A healthy and safe learning environment
  • Opportunities to comment on your programme and the College facilities
  • Access to well resourced Learning Centres
  • A courteous, effective and efficient service
  • Equality of opportunity, free of harassment or discrimination

How can you make your voice heard?

  • Student Union and Student Council representation
  • Many College committees have student representation
  • You will be asked for your opinion on your course and College facilities
  • “Complaints, Suggestions, Compliments” forms are available at Reception, Student Services, the Learning Centres and other key places.

What to do if you are not satisfied or things go wrong?

Whether you are a student, employer or member of the local community or a parent, if you are not satisfied with any service provided by the College you have the right to take action by using the College’s Complaints Procedure.

If you believe that your examination or assessment results are incorrect, you can appeal through the College Appeals Procedures.

The College expects every student to:

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