Be Healthy

We offer lots of opportunities to find out about healthy lifestyles choices for example through tutorial activities and poster campaigns.

The canteens and refectories are committed to offer healthy meal options and we regularly seek your opinions as to how we can improve this service.

Smoking cessation clinics and advice and guidance from the Substance Misuse service are just a few of the external agencies that come into College. The College is a No Smoking Campus

Contact our safeguarding team if you need help or advice
What does the College do to help?

Watch this short film about the effects of alcohol

Some young people in East Sussex have made this short film about how alcohol can affect them. Have and look and see how you can have fun and stay safe.

It was commissioned by the East Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Towner’s Outreach and Inclusion Programme, East Sussex, Eastbourne.

More information:

Visit the East Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team website

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