For Adult Leisure courses, you may be eligible to pay a reduced fee if you are in receipt of an eligible benefit as detailed here or if you are 65 or over. To claim the reduced fee, you must enrol in person at one of our campuses.

No reductions are available on courses that do not show a ‘Reduced Fee’.

Please contact Admissions for more details.


If you are aged 19-23 studying courses up to level 3 or aged 24+ and studying courses up to level 2 and are in receipt certain eligible benefits, you may be entitled to a waiver of tuition fees. Contact Admissions for more information. (Please note restrictions apply)

This tuition offer does not apply to our Adult Leisure courses.


GCSE Maths and English:

If you are aged 19+ and need a GCSE Maths or English qualification for your career route and have not already achieved a 4 or C or above, then you would not pay any tuition or exam fees. If you have never taken this qualification before, or achieved a 3 or D or below, come and gain this extremely valuable qualification now. A large number of employers and training providers are insisting on GCSEs so make the most of this opportunity.

You can take your GCSE at our Newhaven, Eastbourne or Lewes campuses, Contact us on 030 300 39100  for Newhaven courses, 030 300 39900  for Eastbourne courses or 030 300 38765  for Lewes courses.

You can take your GCSE at our Newhaven, Eastbourne or Lewes campuses, Contact us on 030 300 39100  for Newhaven courses, 030 300 39900  for Eastbourne courses or 030 300 38765  for Lewes courses.

Level 2 Entitlement for students aged 19 to 23 years

Level 2 Entitlement is available to full and part time students studying on an eligible full Level 2 qualification. It is a waiver of tuition and exam fees for students who are 19 to 23 and who have not previously achieved a full Level 2 qualification.

Level 2 Entitlement is also available for students who are studying a Level 1 course and this qualification is essential to continue study at Level 2, in the same or a related subject area.

Level 3 Entitlement for students aged 19 to 23 years

Level 3 Entitlement is available to students studying on an eligible full Level 3 qualification. It is a waiver of tuition fees. Students must be aged between 19 and 23 at the start of their course.

The entitlement is available for those studying on courses such as Access to HE, A levels, BTEC National, NVQ 3. Students should have no previous full level 3 qualification. Please note that students will be required to pay material costs.

Home Students

The fees advertised are available only to “Home Students” (ie. those who have lived in the UK or within the European Community for the last 3 years).

International Students:

International students are invited to apply for courses in this brochure but the fees may differ from those advertised. Please contact us for more information.

Under 19 Year Olds

Our courses are designed for students who are over nineteen years of age. However, in exceptional circumstances we may consider applications from students who are under nineteen. Applications should be made to Admissions.


If your course fee is over £100 and the course duration is 14 weeks or more, then you can arrange to pay in stages either using the College Staged Payment Scheme or FlexEd, an external payment scheme. Please visit Admissions to arrange a payment plan.

The College has two options for students to pay in stages.

1. College Staged payments:

Payments can be accepted by cash, debit card or credit card. You will not have to pay the £20 administration fee if you pay by direct debit.

Please contact Admissions (or Reception at Newhaven), between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday, to arrange a staged payment plan.

2. FlexEd – External Payment Scheme:

FlexEd is an external service available to students to allow them to spread the costs of their course over a longer period. Full payment is required by 31st May 2018 for courses starting from 1 August 2017 onwards.

FlexEd make a monthly charge of £6 for this service, and instalments can be paid by Card or Direct Debit. This fee is payable in full with the first instalment. No interest is payable.

Students can register for FlexEd through:

Further details can be found at www.flexed.uk.com or by ringing 01242 311057.


For full details of our fees policy please click here.

Additional Support

If you feel that you require any additional support whilst you are at College, please contact us before you enrol so that we can discuss your requirements. Call Eastbourne 030 300 39258 or Lewes 030 300 39562.

If you need any help selecting a course our Admissions team will be pleased to assist you to make a decision. We will also be able to offer advice on fees and financial support including Learner Support funds, childcare support, grants and bursaries.

Sussex Downs College has an Equality and Diversity Policy, including a Race Equality Policy and a Harassment Policy which applies to all learners.

If you have stated you require additional support we will contact you and make every reasonable effort to address your needs. In the event that the college is unable to provide appropriate support, you will be offered an alternative course or a full refund.

Criminal Convictions

The College is keen to support students with convictions and to help them succeed. Having criminal convictions will not necessarily prevent you from taking up a place here.

However, entry is dependent on you honestly declaring any relevant unspent criminal convictions you may have. By relevant convictions, the College means convictions for offences against the person, whether of a violent or a sexual nature, arson, any offences related to extremism and hate crime, and convictions for the offences involving the unlawful supply or use of controlled drugs or substances where the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking. If the application is for a course in teaching, health, social work, sport, childcare or involving work with children or vulnerable adults, please declare all convictions including spent convictions.

If you have any relevant convictions, please write down the offence(s), date(s) of conviction and sentence(s) imposed. Send this information in a sealed envelope with your name and address to:

Safeguarding Manager, Sussex Downs College, Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, BN21 2U

All information provided will be considered by the Safeguarding Manager, and will only be disclosed to a third party if this is necessary in the interests of the safety and welfare of other students and staff. Failure to disclose a conviction may put your place at College at risk.

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