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, Sussex Downs College, Lewes, East Sussex.Hosting an international student can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Many of our homestay providers find that hosting an international students deepens their understanding of new cultures and the additional income can also be very welcome. For our international students, living with a local host allows them to experience British culture firsthand, as well as giving them more opportunities to practice their English outside of the classroom.

Accommodation is an incredibly important part of an international student’s experience whilst studying in the UK. For this reason Sussex Downs College has an Accommodation and Welfare team located on both our Eastbourne and Lewes campuses. Our staff work very hard to place students in the right homestay, that they are safe and well looked-after, whilst at the same time managing their expectations and making sure our hosts enjoy the experience too. Our exceptional student support, as well as our excellent relationship with hosts means that we are able to meet students’ needs as well as supporting our hosts. In many cases we have worked alongside the same homestay providers for years.

Sussex Downs College is fully-accredited by the British Council and complies with all UK and British Council requirements regarding the hosting and safeguarding of students.


being a homestay provider

Sussex Downs College only places students in homestay accommodation in Lewes and Eastbourne.

If you are considering hosting a student for the first time, It is important that you ask yourself these questions. Why do you wish to host an international student? If you are considering it only for the additional income it is important to remember that hosting an international student is more than simply providing a room and food. Both Sussex Downs College and our international students expect all our hosts to talk to students, include their student in day-to-day activities and support their general health and wellbeing during their studies here.

Good reasons to host an international student include an enjoyment of travelling abroad and experiencing different cultures. Your children may have now left home and you would like additional company in your household, or you would like your household to experience living with a student from a different culture.

Essential requirements

To become a host you should be able to offer:


when can you host students?

Sussex Downs College offers programmes for international students year-round. Some of our students are on one-year programmes, others are here for six months one term or just a few weeks. During the summer months is a peak time of year, where a typical homestay duration would be two weeks’ long.


how much can you earn hosting international students?

You will earn £120.00 per week hosting students on a half-board basis. Where you offer self-catering accommodation, you will receive £95.00 per week.


how to become a homestay provider

Please contact us to discuss hosting a student. We will ask you to complete an application form. Once we have received your completed application form we will arrange a mutually-convenient appointment to visit you at home. This is a brief and informal meeting to get to know you, give you more information about hosting Sussex Downs College’s students and for you to ask us any question.

Lewes accommodation office

If you live in Lewes and are considering hosting a student, please contact our Lewes Accommodation and Welfare team at:

Telephone: +44 (0)30 300 39851/39842


Eastbourne accommodation office

If you live in Eastbourne and would like to host an international student, please contact our Eastbourne Accommodation and Welfare team at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 30 300 39935



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