About homestay & residential accommodation


It is very important that you feel happy and safe in your accommodation. For this reason Sussex Downs College has two accommodation offices located on each of our campuses. All homestay accommodation is monitored by our dedicated Accommodation and Welfare staff in accordance with the standards set out in the British Council Accreditation Scheme.


What is homestay and residential accommodation?

Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is ideal for you if you wish to live with a resident host who will provide you with meals on a half-board basis. You will have many opportunities to practice conversational English with your host, as well as enjoying home comforts. You will normally eat with your host and share common living areas with them. Hosts will make you feel welcome and part of their household.

Under the British Council Accreditation Scheme guidelines no more than four students may be accommodated with a homestay provider. Normally students will have their own private bedroom. For students taking short stay and summer group programmes at our Eastbourne campus, there will be a maximum of two students sharing a bedroom unless we are advised in writing in advance.

Residential accommodation

Residential accommodation covers both half-board and self-catering accommodation. On a half-board basis residential accommodation allows five or more students to live with a resident host. On a self-catering basis residential accommodation may include one or more students living with a resident host.


What is included in homestay accommodation and residential accommodation (half-board and self-catering)?

Your accommodation will include:


What does my host expect from me?

We want you to have an enriching experience whilst studying with us and living in the UK. The following guidance will help you settle into your homestay accommodation, as well as ensuring you adapt to life in your new home:




All students aged under 18 years of age, are required to complete a parental consent form prior to arrival in the UK. This form is completed by their parent(s)/legal guardian to confirm permission of what the student can or can’t do with regards to activities outside of the scheduled course programme and any curfews that the student may have, which are agreed with and implemented between the parents/guardian, College and host provider.





All students will be allocated homestay with meals accommodation with a College approved host family, unless alternative arrangements have been made by the parent(s) or legal guardian and written confirmation has been provided to the College. All students aged under 18 years living in college-arranged accommodation will be required to pay their accommodation fees through the College.




The College has a curfew for all students aged under 18 years. The times of the curfew are specified on the parental consent and students must adhere to these times.


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