Prepare for your IELTS Test

Sussex Downs College offers a variety of English language courses that will prepare you for your IELTS test. You can choose from courses that focus on IELTS exam preparation and skills, or combine IELTS exam preparation with General English language study.


Programmes during the academic year

Part time IELTS Preparation Course

If you would like to prepare for your IELTS test on a part time basis, we have classes that run for three hours per week. For more information please click here.

English Language Plus programme

If you would like to combine General English language training with IELTS test preparation as an additional course option, we recommend the English Language Plus course. You can take this course at both our Lewes or Eastbourne campus. English Language Plus is ideal if you plan to study with us for more than six months and would like to vary your English Language studies. Alternatively, you may have a pre-intermediate level of English, and wish to improve your overall level of English before you start preparing for your IELTS exam. Please click here to find out more about our English Language Plus programme.

Group IELTS preparation courses

Sussex Downs College has many years’ experience in offering closed-group IELTS preparation courses for high school students and teachers, in additional to a full activity and excursion programme. Please contact us for further details or to request a quote at:



Summer programmes at Sussex Downs College

During the summer months we offer an IELTS Preparation programme at our Eastbourne campus, as well as a General English Adult Summer programme. Our summer programmes run throughout July and early August.

Summer IELTS preparation course

Summer is a very popular time of year for students to want to take their IELTS test. We offer a full-time IELTS Preparation programme of 16 hours per week at our Eastbourne campus. To find out more about this course, please click here.

Adult Summer programme

Popular with individuals and groups, our Adult Summer programme allows you to combine general English language study with an English language option, such as Academic English with IELTS, UK Culture and Tourism or Business English. The Adult Summer programme takes place at our Lewes campus and runs throughout July and early August. To find out more about this course please click here.

Summer group IELTS preparation courses

Each summer we welcome groups of students who study on tailor-made IELTS preparation courses. In addition to their IELTS studies, Sussex Downs College is able to create a programme of activities and excursions. For more information or to request a quote please contact us at:

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