Sports Academy

Eastbourne Golf Academy

This course has been specifically designed to give recognition to talented golfers, as part of the England Golf Partnerships vision of being “The Leading Golf Nation in the World by 2020.” It aims to support young male and female elite golfers (aged 16-18 at the start of the programme) who can demonstrate the necessary talent, commitment and skill to achieve excellence in golf and who possess a realistic chance of making a career from playing golf.

During the two-year programme students work towards an NVQ Level 3 Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance, BTEC level 3 90 Credit Diploma – Studied in Year 1 & the Extended Diploma – Studied in year 2.

The NVQ is divided into two parts, one which focuses on the performance areas of sport (technical skills, tactical skills, physical capability and mental attitude) and one which focuses on the personal development of the golfer (lifestyle management, career planning, health and safety and communication).

The BTEC qualification encourages the development of playing skills, whilst also providing a good foundation in training, tactical and coaching techniques. Students cover many aspects of the game, from sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports performance and fitness testing to sports coaching, physiology and injury prevention.

The Golf Academy team runs an order of Merit for our players each week and the team for the national Intercollegiate Golf Tour is selected from this. Through this event players get to play on different courses throughout the country. Residential trips are organised each year to destinations such as Spain, Portugal or America as part of the course programme.

Lewes Sports Academy

Academy Aims

At Sussex Downs College Lewes we offer three sport academies and one sports enrichment. Any student enrolled at the college can also enrol on a sport academy/enrichment alongside their academic studies. The four sport academies/enrichments that we currently offer are:

Here at Sussex Downs Lewes College our sport academy programme provides opportunities at the highest level of sporting performance. All sports men and women receive high level coaching and competition alongside their academic studies using the best facilities in the local area including Lewes Leisure Centre, Lewes Athletics Track and Southdown Private Sports Club. Each Academy trains twice a week with fixtures taking place on Wednesday afternoon, and our enrichments train or play every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year.

Academy Requirements

All students who join the Academy enter into an agreement with the College to ensure that attendance, performance in the classroom, attitude to learning and personal presentation are exemplary at all times. Our Academy students must purchase and obtain playing kit for their respective sport. Additionally, Academy students are required to pay the annual fee at the beginning of each academic year.

Sport Academies Five Focuses  

  1. Development of individual and team skill.
  2. Enhancement and knowledge of personal fitness and nutrition.
  3. Understanding of strategies and tactics of the game.
  4. Competing and performing at the highest level possible, both individually and as a team.
  5. Understanding and practice of the basic principles of coaching sport.
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