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Academy Aims


At Sussex Downs College Lewes we offer three sport academies and one sports enrichment. Any student enrolled at the college can also enrol on a sport academy/enrichment alongside their academic studies. The four sport academies/enrichments that we currently offer are:

Here at Sussex Downs Lewes College our sport academy programme provides opportunities at the highest level of sporting performance. All sports men and women receive high level coaching and competition alongside their academic studies using the best facilities in the local area including Lewes Leisure Centre, Lewes Athletics Track and Southdown Private Sports Club. Each Academy trains twice a week with fixtures taking place on Wednesday afternoon, and our enrichments train or play every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year.

Academy History

The Sussex Downs College Lewes Sport Academies were established to provide sport specific participation and coaching opportunities for all further education learners. The first academies (developments) were set up over ten years ago and have been growing and succeeding ever since. We have developed a great reputation within the region for our sporting provision and achievements with the college, seeing many individual and team successes over the years.

Historically we have high numbers of students on each academy; these students come from a wide variety of locations, backgrounds and academic courses from within the college. Many of these students have progressed into the higher levels of sport performance and education, with some progressing into professional sport.

Sport Academy & Enrichment Blog

Our Sport Academy and Enrichment blog provides information and the current news on all of our sport academies and enrichments here at Sussex Downs Lewes College. You can access the blog using this link: Sussex Downs Academy Enrichment Blog

Academy Requirements

All students who join the Academy enter into an agreement with the College to ensure that attendance, performance in the classroom, attitude to learning and personal presentation are exemplary at all times. Our Academy students must purchase and obtain playing kit for their respective sport. Additionally, Academy students are required to pay the annual fee at the beginning of each academic year.

Lewes PE & Sport Newsletter
Issue 19: October 2015

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Sport Academies Five Focuses

  1. Development of individual and team skill.
  2. Enhancement and knowledge of personal fitness and nutrition.
  3. Understanding of strategies and tactics of the game.
  4. Competing and performing at the highest level possible, both individually and as a team.
  5. Understanding and practice of the basic principles of coaching sport.


Main Academy Achievements


” At Sussex Downs College in Lewes we offer a unique opportunity for students to combine both their academic studies and sporting commitments within our college environment and timetable. The combination of the high quality coaching, modern facilities and the academy students’ commitment and enthusiasm has resulted in a highly successful sports academy which continues to be successful and grow each year. As a potential student you could be a part of our academy family in the future here at Lewes seeing you improve both as an athlete and as a student achieving personal goals and developments whilst contributing to our history and success. ”

– Sport academy co-ordinator Chris Turner

At Sussex Downs College Lewes we offer four sport academies. Any student enrolled at the college can also enrol on a sport academy alongside their academic studies. The four sport academies that we currently offer are:


Average Number of Students: 50+

Course Code: 1288/010

Competitions Entered: Natwest Cup, British Colleges Cup, British Colleges Elite League, Sussex League, Sussex Cup and various 10’s/7’s competitions.

“I have really enjoyed being a part of the rugby academy this year. I feel my game has improved a lot since I started and I feel this is down to the highly competitive environment that has been established. I would highly recommend being a part of the academies here at Lewes as you can do it alongside your other courses and it is all done within the college timetable.” Ed Chrusciel (AS Physical Education, AS Biology, AS Business Studies & AS Psychology 2014-15)


Average Number of Students: 20+

Course Code: 4962/010

Competitions Entered: British Colleges Cup, ESFA Cup, Sussex League, Sussex Cup and various 5-a-side competitions

“The men’s football academy has been great over the last year. I have been able to play football at a high level whilst still focussing on my academic studies. We enter many competitions which provide us with regular matches which are all highly competitive. If you play football you should defiantly choose the men’s football academy whilst studying at SDC. ” Paul Woods (BTEC Sport Subsidiary Diploma, AS Human Biology & Community Sports Leaders Award 2014-15)


Average Number of Students: 30+

Course Code: 1293/010

Competitions Entered: British Colleges Cup, Sussex League, Sussex Cup and various mixed and Fastnet competitions.

“I have loved being a part of the netball academy this year. I have made loads of new friends and have been able to continue playing netball at a high level inside and outside of college. The facilities we use and level of competition we face are really high and this has helped improve me as player and the whole team as well.” Elizabeth Noakes (BTEC Sport Subsidiary Diploma, AS English Language & Community Sports Leaders Award 2014-15)

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