Sussex Downs college has an established history of providing bespoke training and support solutions to businesses. There are four primary ways we support businesses in this area:

Creating or adapting training provision to meet the specific needs of a particular group or sector within the business

These courses are usually short, and focussed on IT, Health and Safety or soft skills. One recent example involved a made-to-order three-hour team training session delivered prior to an important company event, with the focus on how the team could maximise business opportunities at the event.

Adapting nationally recognised provision to meet the specific needs of the business

This can involve elements unique to that business such as product knowledge, or unique IT or customer service systems. It can also involve the creation of a new accredited qualification.

Bespoke progression routes and training solutions for all or the majority of the business

We work with companies to

Supporting and developing ‘sustainable training’ within an organisation

This can take a variety of forms, but the underlying principle is giving your organisation the means to deliver your own training. This support can also incorporate our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, upskilling and appropriately qualifying identified internal staff.

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