About Job Shop

Job Shop is a FREE service provided by Sussex Downs College enabling employers to promote job openings and work experience opportunities to existing and former students of all ages.

The Job Shop provides quick and easy access to the College’s on-line community through the in-house intranet, Facebook and Twitter, as well as iLearn (the system used to access course work).

We want to hear from employers from across Sussex, who have full and part time, permanent and temporary positions, plus apprenticeships, or who can offer work experience and voluntary work opportunities.

We are working hard to assist people of all ages, both school age and those returning to employment, in developing the aptitude, skills and abilities they need to contribute to the local economy, as well as their own economic well being.

This particular service has been set up in direct response to increasing requests from local organisations to make students aware of vacancies. As work placements have become an essential part of many courses, supporting employers have realised the positive contributions that young people can make to their businesses. As well as enthusiasm and energy, they can also offer a fresh prospective, up to date skills and the latest thinking.

For further information please contact our team on 030 300 39474 or email employertraining@sussexdowns.ac.uk



Are you an employer interested in employing an Apprentice, or would like to find out more information about Apprenticeships?

To submit your work opportunity to Job Shop please complete the details below. We will review all opportunities prior to them going live on the Job Shop website, and will contact you at that time.
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