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Apprenticeship Vacancies on the Move

A mobile application (app) has been launched by the National Apprenticeship Service, to make it possible for people to search for Apprenticeship vacancies in England, whilst on the move.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, ‘Av Search‘ enables users to search through the thousands of jobs advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service Apprenticeship Vacancies database on their mobile phone, making it easier than ever before to find suitable positions.

Through ‘Av Search’, individuals will be able to find relevant vacancies by inputting a keyword, such as an industry sector/job role that interests them, together with the location they are looking to find a role in. The location can be entered as a postcode or county and the user can also choose how far from that destination they want to search – i.e. within a 10 mile radius.

Find jobs on the move with the ‘AV Search’ app


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