Eastbourne Start dates: September, January, April

Lewes Start dates: September, January, April

Our unique twelve-week programme is designed to support 16 to 25 year olds who are not in education or employment on a personal development journey. The programmes based at both our Eastbourne and Lewes sites give anyone the opportunity to improve confidence, uncover hidden talents, gain new skills through community involvement and achieve a qualification. The course is completely free.

It was great, I loved it, everyone was so friendly, I didn’t think I would get on with the other people but actually we all worked really well together. It got me out every day to learn new things, pushing me to talk to the public, we had loads of speakers and people come in to talk to us. My leaders helped us and me especially because it was someone that listened to me.
I would recommend the programme for people with anxiety like me, it allows you to learn how to work in a group where other people have similar experiences and could help you out. I really miss the work and the social aspect of the programme.Maia

Taster Day: Meet new people

Don’t worry about turning up on your own – there will be about 12 people joining and everyone will be in the same situation. It’ll be informal and there will be plenty of activities so you’ll soon feel part of things.

Week 1: Get settled

Over this week, you will start planning for the weeks ahead – setting out what you want to achieve and finding out how to get your qualifications. Expect lots of icebreakers and interactive activities.

Week 2: Residential at an Activity Centre

You will spend this week away – trying new things and learning how to work with others. This gives you a chance to break away from your current situation. The sort of things you could do include canoeing, climbing, raft-building and much more!

Week 3-6: Something to talk about

As a team, you will decide on a project to benefit your local community and carry it out. This gives you a great experience to talk about at interviews. Time to plan your next steps after the programme.

Week 7-8: Work placements

This is the time to see how the skills you’ve developed so far can help you in the workplace fit for what you would like to do. It’s also a great chance to try out a type of work, or company, to see whether you like it.

Week 9: Plan for the future

You’ll get help to write a fantastic CV, practice your interview skills and make applications.

Week 10-11: Meet the challenge

You and your team will take on a challenge to help others in the community. This is when you get to test out all the skills you have worked on so far.

Week 12: Have your say

In your final week, you will deliver a presentation with your team to an invited audience. This is your chance to show off the talents you’ve discovered! This may sound scary now, but after 12 weeks on team you will be surprised at how far you’ve come.

Meet our staff

Rhys Cummins, Team Leader, Lewes

I’ve been working with the Prince’s Trust since the start of 2016, firstly as a volunteer on the Fairbridge programme, followed by roles as an Assistant Team Leader in both Lewes and Eastbourne. The reason I think the Team programme is so great is because it gives people the confidence to go ahead and take control of their life and choose the path they take. It also gives myself and the Team members a huge amount of great experiences, that can not only be used for improving their chances of gaining employment but that are also just good to look back on. I like to hand a huge amount of responsibility over to the Team members, which helps to build vital employability skills and allows them to feel pride in everything achieved in the course.
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Lorna Gordon, Assistant Team Leader, Lewes

I first discovered the Prince’s Trust back in 2015 where I was a team member myself in Eastbourne. I joined the programme initially to boost my CV, gain references and find a job. During my time on Team I found my confidence in both new and old skills. I tried many new things from working with adults with disabilities, to learning about homelessness and other current issues, and taking part in activities such as mock interviews. On my work placement I realised I had a passion for working with people and I have continued to do this since the programme.  I really enjoy being a part of the staff team as it means I get to work alongside young people to achieve their own goals. It is a great opportunity to be a part of Team, both as a member and as staff, and I am still learning new things every day.

Lucinda Miedema , Team Leader, Eastbourne

The reason I love being the Team Leader for this Programme is that it is unique in transforming the lives of young people. I have always had a passion for exploring strategies that help young people flourish and offer them opportunities of positive personal growth. Before the Team Programme, I was involved in several EU funded projects to improve the development of Peace Education and Global Citizenship, such as Education for Intercultural and Democratic Citizenship and Mainstreaming Peace Education. Coming from a research background in Education and Character Development and Humanistic Counselling is great because it fits like a glove with the non-formal approach of The Team Programme. Unlike any other College Course, the Team Programme focuses on personal development through fun and practical activities, such as creating a community project. These projects are not only relevant for the personal development of young people, but they also add to their professional profiles and CVs, adding a direct impact on their employability.
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Scott Backler, Assistant Team Leader, Eastbourne

I have a passion for the development of young people and I really believe in the Team programme as it develops each student’s life skills not only in the work environment but also in life as a whole. I have spent three summers in the U.S on a summer camp looking after 7-16 year olds. It was there that I ran the Leaders in Training programme and was the Boys Head Counsellor, managing the 100 male Campers and staff. I am Local to Eastbourne and although I spent time in the Army deploying overseas, I have studied at Sussex Downs College. The students really gain so much from Team and this has been made evident with past students being so successful. The things I most like about Team is the community project and the team challenges. The charities we work with and the things we accomplish as a team are amazing.

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