Young Parents

The Young parents programme, designed for mums and dads, aged 16 to 24, is designed to engage and support young parents and parents to be. The programme is based in a nurturing environment within the college and provides young parents a supportive network along with an opportunity to explore your future progression into mainstream college courses, volunteering and employment with training. The course will enable you to complete a Level 1 Qualification and have the opportunity to develop Maths and English Skills. The day-to-day course will work with you on a range of activities to improve your confidence and knowledge on how to progress into employment or your chosen path.

Courses start in September, November and February.

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I believe coming on the young parents’ course has helped me a lot, not only for myself and my education but it has also helped my daughter as the College have helped me find childcare and funding. She is really enjoying it and her behaviour has improved.”- Jodie

Young Parents

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Young Enrichment

A program of courses aimed at supporting young parents, to promote wellbeing through creativity, play, practical activities, reflection and understanding, whilst encouraging a positive bond with their child and the ability to build strong relationships with other young parents.

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