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The Board is made up of 18 individuals with a broad base of skills and experience drawn from the communities served by the College. Some governors are appointed directly by the Board from the general public and some are elected by the staff and students of the College. It meets regularly to review the College’s mission, consider strategic developments, systematically monitor College and management performance, review and monitor the implementation of a range of college policies, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements at all times. The Board is charged with fostering an environment that enables the College to fulfil its mission for the benefit of learners and the community it serves.

We are committed to openness and accountability and have posted the minutes of Board meetings and key documents to ensure transparency. We are committed to the equality and diversity of all of our students, staff and service users and welcome applications to join the Board from all members of the community.

If you need further information or have any questions please contact our Director of Governance, Ra Hamilton-Burns at ra.hamilton-burns@sussexdowns.ac.uk or on 030 300 39407.

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