Literacy and Study Skills


MyStudyBar is a toolbar that gives you access to a suite of software tools to assist with planning, reading, writing, vision and voice.

It is available via your College PC desktop and as a free download to use at home.

The MyStudyBar toolbar is a floating toolbar that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on your screen. It has five option buttons (plus a Help Button), within the main 5 sections there are then a further 17 applications to assist learners with study difficulties.  Some of these applications are built into Windows but many are free software applications.

Texthelp Read&Write Gold


Texthelp Read and Write Gold is a literacy support tool designed to assist users of all ages who require extra assistance when reading or composing text. Read and Write Gold offers support functionality frequently absent in mainstream MS Windows applications.

In addition, it provides a host of study features to assist any user with research & composition. Each application on the toolbar has a training video available to watch to learn how to use the application.

The software works discreetly with all mainstream Windows applications. This offers users with literacy difficulties the opportunity to work in an inclusive manner alongside their peers & colleagues.

Read and Write Gold is a simple to use toolbar that “floats” on top of any open application. Assistance can then easily be called upon as the user works.

CLICK HERE to download Read and Write Gold Quick Reference Guide.

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