Study Programme Tutors

Study Programme Tutor sessions are a chance for you to talk to a member of staff who is not your course teacher about any queries you may have, such as applying to university or how to get a student loan.

Study Programme Tutors help you set and meet achievable targets and discuss ways in which you can manage you workload. They will also let you know about important College messages about curriculum, exam timetables, guidance or anything else you need to know.

Skills that are not covered in your chosen subjects, such as applying for jobs or university, citizenship and personal health awareness are covered in tutorials, as well as general College information. This helps each student to feel a part of the wider college community.

How the College can help you

What your Study Programme tutor provides

You will have several individual meetings during the year to assess your needs, go through reports, set targets, talk through issues, and generally check that all is well.

Full time students will attend group tutorials where your Study Programme Tutor will deliver a tutorial curriculum designed to develop your confidence, communication skills, independent living and learning skills, personal awareness and safety, study skills, progression and work options, and much more.

Your Study Programme Tutor is here to act as an advocate and will support you if things don’t go as planned. We work alongside other teaching staff but are independent. We can talk with outside agencies on your behalf. And if we can’t help, we will know someone who can!

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Contact your Study Programme Tutor

You will be given details of how to contact your Study Programme Tutor when you start college. This information will also be provided on the noticeboards for your course. It is very important that you keep your contact details up to date at college, in case your tutor needs to contact you.

When your Lecturer / Study Programme Tutor is absent

If a member of staff fails to turn up for your class you should wait for ten minutes and then a class representative should report the absence to Reception or an appropriate staff room where arrangements will be made for your class to be covered.

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