Student Voice

You can tell the College your needs, interests and concerns through Student Voice so that we can develop your educational experiences to make them better for you.

It is important to us that you feel involved and consulted every step of the way in your learning process. Student Voice is our commitment to seeking your views and ensures that we include those in the decisions we make about your learning experiences at Sussex Downs College.

Get involved!

To join the Student Voice activities, talk to the Student Liaison Officer. You can also talk to your Personal Tutor, Lecturers or your Class Representative, the Students’ Union (Student Executive Officers) and Student Governors about any issues that are important to you.

Student Executive

Any student can apply to become a member of the executive. Elections are held once a year with a member voted in by other students. The Student Executive has a role to play in recommending changes or improvements that students would like to see at the College.

Cross Campus

Student Governor/Sabbatical Officer and SU President: Jamie Harris

Lewes Campus

Eastbourne Campus

Student Governors

You can become a spokesperson for the student community and work with the College Governors. The Governors play an active, challenging and significant part in developing the mission, direction and the educational character of the College. To run for Student Governor you need to talk to your Student Participation Officer.

Learning Boards

Each of the College communities that make up Sussex Downs, including the three 6th form colleges: Lewes, Park and the Eastbourne Vocational College, have a Learning Board. This is where Governors meet to discuss issues that are important to the different learning communities. Throughout the year students are asked to attend and provide important feedback.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutor sessions are a chance for you to talk to a member of staff who is not your course teacher about any queries you may have. Tutors also help you to set and meet achievable targets and discuss ways in which you can manage your workload. Find out more about Personal Tutors

Teaching and Learning

Throughout the year there will be a number of opportunities for you to talk about Teaching and Learning and provide the College with important feedback. Every student will have an opportunity to talk about the quality of their learning experience and help us to ensure that you achieve your targets. The College will organise opportunities for you to give feedback whether through your class representative or through a student forum.

Student Surveys

You can complete surveys during the year asking for feedback on a range of issues on Teaching and Learning and College life. We will keep you informed of what we have done both online and on notices and screens around the college.

Participate in Student Union activities

There are lots of events to cater for all student tastes such as parties, trips, events, music, charity promotions and more. You’ll meet lots of other students and have a great time. You could even help to organise things.

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