Student Welfare

If you have any worries or concerns please talk to your Study Programme Tutor or a member of the Safeguarding and Intervention team.

Safeguarding and Intervention Advisers can offer a range of help and support about your wellbeing and have information about the support on offer from local organisations. They are based on the ground floor in ECAT House in Eastbourne or CB137 in Lewes.

Student Executive

The Student Council is a great way to get involved and do something positive. They make all sorts of decisions on student welfare, events, and even the ways you are taught! There are elections once a year, and anyone can stand.

Find out more about Student Voice at the college

Katherine Over
Learner Voice Co-ordinator

Study Programme Tutor Support

Talk to your tutor first if you are having problems with any issues at college. They will know what options will help you to do well at college, and after college too.

Find out about Study Programme Tutors

Disability Equality

The college is running a campaign on disability and equality, making sure that everyone gets treated the same, and that everyone feels valued. You will see posters around the campus giving more details of this.

Find out more about disibility equality at the college

Financial Support

The college has money available to help students who need financial support. At the beginning of each year students can sell their old books, or exchange them for new ones.

Find out more about financial support at the college

Sports, clubs and events

We also run sports development and enrichment classes, like after school clubs, to help you get fit and be more active. There are lots of clubs and activities at the college, which you can sign up for. Talk to your tutor to find out what options are available at your campus.

Find out more about sport at the college

Healthy eating and living

The college canteens provide healthy options so that you can eat well and stay healthy. The college runs counselling and sexual health services on our main campuses. There is often advice and information given by people outside the college.

Find out more about healthy living

 Harassment (or Bullying)

Sussex Downs College expects all College members, students and staff, to treat each other with courtesy and respect. We seek to provide a safe and civilised learning environment where students and staff can enjoy and achieve. If you feel that you are being harassed by fellow students, or by members of staff, please report this to your Study Programme Tutor. The report will be treated as confidential but the College will work to bring such behaviour to an end. Harassment of others is subject to disciplinary procedures which could lead to exclusion. This applies equally where computers or mobile phones are used to harass or humiliate others.

Find out more about staying safe

Student ID Cards

All full time students and many part time students will receive a student photo ID card at the start of their course.

You must wear the card at all times in a lanyard. This is for safety and security reasons. If you have forgotten your lanyard you must get a replacement from your teacher, the LRC or reception and return it to reception at the end of the day. If you lose your ID card there is a small replacement charge.


There is some support available to students using public transport, and you can purchase a railcard for young people that makes your train travel cheaper. Students can get advice on tickets and funding for travel to college from Admissions.

How to get to the Lewes Campus | How to get to the Eastbourne Campus | How to get to Newhaven Campus


You can get discounts in lots of shops, both for college supplies and for personal items with your student card.

For more information on nationwide student discounts visit

Supporting Charities

The college puts on lots of charity events during the year. The charities can be chosen by the student council, by the classes holding the event, or if you want to raise money you can suggest a charity yourself.

See the latest Charity News at the college


If you want to get involved in activities outside of college there is a list of voluntary organisations, both locally and nationally. This can range from one off opportunities, to year long gap years, like Camp America. We also post volunteering opportunities on our Job Shop website.

Environmental Awareness

The college also holds Green Travel days several times a year. These events raise awareness of green issues, such as reducing your carbon footprint and recycling.

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Contact our safeguarding team if you need help or advice

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