Carbon Management Plan

College commits to 25% energy reduction

By 2016 we are committed to reducing our CO2 by 25%. Since the Principal signed the Green Colleges Declaration in 2010 sustainability has become increasingly integrated into all aspects of college life, and there are many exciting staff and student initiatives which support this.

Students from Lewes Sixth Form have created an App that can calculate your personal carbon footprint. Webcams and video conferencing facilities have been introduced across our campuses reducing the need for travel.

Alongside these projects and initiatives there are some basic good housekeeping ideas that we have put into practice, including:

Download the College Carbon Management Plan

A College Snap Shot

Across the many functions of the College we are continuously seeking to improve our impact on the environment. Here are just a few examples:

College Catering

We are committed to the introduction of:

Keeping the College clean

We are committed to the use of:


We are currently investigating Eco Cubes – eco cubes are marketed as a ‘proven biological system’ for reducing water, sewerage and maintenance costs. With regards to ‘no water’ the eco cube system does not require regular flushing water.


Our staff can apply for interest free travel loans and bicycle loans from our HR department.


The College is a member of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges. The EAUC provides many useful membership services and you can keep up to date by subscribing to their newsletters.

A final note….

The 7 R’s

Sustainability isn’t all about recycling, here are a few alternatives:

Tips for greener travel

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